Marketing & Sales Critique

The Marketing and Sales Critique

Cost: $249.00

Length of Project: 1 Week

The Marketing and Sales Critique is a process that assesses challenged marketing & sales systems effectiveness at creating new leads, sales and revenue.

This critique will show specifically the weak spots in any marketing and sales process, taking the guess work out so that intelligent changes can be made.


  • Shows where time is being lost or squandered
  • Saves you from continuing to lose money
  • Puts you in a position of clarity and knowing about your business
  • Allows you to plan and build strategies from an informed and grounded space
  • Increases certainty and business momentum

The Marketing & Sales Critique is used to give business owners who are facing business failure, insight and clarity into the greatest opportunities for stabilizing and increasing revenue.

Although all existing businesses could benefit from this critique, only those holistic business owners that meet a specific set of criteria qualify. This test is not for everyone, as such anyone not meeting our criteria will be refunded in full, prior to the assessment.

The  Marketing & Sales Speed Test Includes:

1. One (1) Online Marketing & Sales Assessment

2. One (1) Marketing & Sales Critique

3. One (1) Critique Explanation and Integration Call

4. One (1) Explanation and Integration Session Digital Recording (30 Minutes)

5. One (1) Critique Mindmap Report

If you unsure if the Marketing and Sales Critique is right for you, then Contact Us or call us directly at (760) 933-8326.